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Honorary Treasurer sought by The Society

The Honorary Treasurer (‘Treasurer’), Professor Anne King, will be stepping down at the 2017 AGM. 

As an ‘office‐holder’ and a Trustee, the Treasurer has a key role in our effective governance. While financial matters are the responsibility of all Trustees, the Treasurer provides advice, guidance and reassurance on all aspects of financial management and reporting, including in areas such as control systems, solvency and investments.

The post of Treasurer requires a significant time commitment to The Society. In addition to membership of Council, the Treasurer leads the work of the Finance Committee and acts as the principal liaison with Council and the Executive Committee. The Finance Committee, supported by two external financial experts, has responsibility for overseeing all financial aspects that support our short and long term ability to achieve stated charitable objects. The Treasurer also sits on Remuneration Committee, Publications Committee and may serve on additional working groups as required.

MeetingStatusMeetings per annum (normally)
Annual General Meeting Presentation 1
Council Member 4-5
Executive Committee Member 4
Finance Commitee Chair 4
Remuneration Committee Member 1-2
Publications Committee Member 2-3

The Treasurer works closely with the Director of Finance, a chartered accountant. A Finance Manager oversees the day to day financial activity.

There is no requirement for formal financial qualifications, although some experience or knowledge of charity finance and investments would be useful. The Society will provide training and development to support the role.

The position is unpaid but all out-of-pocket expenses will be reimbursed. Some financial compensation, for time spent on Society business, is permittable for the office-holders institution. 

Please refer to the full job description.

Additionally, please refer to The Honorary Treasurers Forum article, a Civil Society article and finally, Professor King’s Physiology News article, which providesan illuminating insight into her experience as Treasurer.

If you would like to have an informal discussion about the post then please contact the Treasurer, Professor Anne King, by email at or phone (0113 343 4243).

If you are interested in this post, please submit a supporting statement, including relevant experience and the reasons you are attracted to the role.