Bayliss–Starling Prize Lecture

Established in 1960 as a joint memorial to Bayliss and Starling. This was a triennial lecture (to 2015), subject to the agreement of the Editorial Board, is published in The Journal of Physiology. There is a £500 prize. From 2015, following a generous donation from The Bayliss and Starling Society, this lecture is now awarded annually and will be given alternately by an established physiologist and an early-career physiologist.


Can Bayliss and Starling gut hormones cure a worldwide pandemic? - Sir Steven Bloom

The Physiological Society's Themed Meeting Obesity: A Physiological Perspective, 10 September 2014, Newcastle, UK. Scott RV, Tan TM & Bloom SR (2014) J Physiol 592, 5153–5167.


Gastrointestinal hormones and the dialogue between gut and brain - GJ Dockray

International Union of Physiological Sciences Congress, Birmingham,  23 July 2013. Dockray GJ (2014) J Physiol 592, 2927–2941

New perspectives concerning feedback influences on cardiorespiratory control during rhythmic exercise and on exercise performance - JA Dempsey

The Biomedical Basis of Elite Performance meeting, 19 March 2012, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London. Dempsey JA (2012) J Physiol 590, 4129–4144

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Some special senses in the sea - JZ Young

Young JZ (1989) J Physiol 411, 1–25

Reminiscences of a physiologist, 50 years after - B Katz

Katz B (1986) J Physiol 370, 1–12

Induction of sleep by muramyl peptides - JR Pappenheimer

Pappenheimer JR (1983) J Physiol 336, 1–11


Lymph formation by secretion or filtration? H Barcroft

Barcroft H (1976) J Physiol 260, 1–20


The gastrointestinal hormones: a review of recent advances - RA Gregory

University College London on 23 March 1973. Gregory RA (1974) J Physiol 241, 1–32


Bayliss and Starling and the happy fellowship of physiologists - AV Hill

21 March 1969, University College LondonHill AV (1969) J Physiol 204, 1–13


Some aspects of their separate and combined research interests - I de Burgh Daly

De Burgh Daly I (1967) J Physiol 191, 1–23


Reminiscences of Bayliss and Starling - C Lovatt-Evans 

22 March 1963, University College, London. Evans, C. A. L. (1964). Reminiscences of Bayliss and Starling (Vol. 1). Cambridge University Press.