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#Biobake 2016 Public Vote

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Aye Eye Sir! 

We take our eyes for granted, without them everything would be so much more difficult


The Bone Remodelling Unit (BMU)

Showing how bone repairs itself 



Dissected Kidney 

The cake shows the blood supply to the kidney and the ureter needed for filtration of blood and urine formation by the kidney. 


Romance and Reality

Love cycle: blood flows through the heart

**Baker's Choice** 


Gut Reaction

When a sufferer of Coeliac disease eats gluten it flattes the villi in the small intestine 



The Tumour Weed

Interpreted from coloured SEM of a lung cancer cell: tumours grow from genetically mutated cells that refuse to die.



Mr Neuron 

An electrically excitable cell that transmits electrical and chemical signals.


In Utero 

A developed embryo in the womb

**Public Choice Winner**



The body hosts trillions of bacteria: friend and foe 



Knee Jerk Reaction 

The cake illustrates the patellar tendon reflex test

**Physiologist Choice**

Voting will close on Friday 14 October at 4pm.