Limits of Perception: Advances in Bio-Imaging - A Physiological Society Residential Topic Meeting

08 August 2016 - 11 August 2016

University of Warwick, Warwick, United Kingdom

Programme organisers: Mark Lythgoe, Daniel Stuckey & Tim Witney (Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging, University College London, UK)

Over the last decades biomedical imaging has revolutionised biological research and clinical medicine. Innovations continue at increasing pace, with new technologies able to guide and monitor therapy, and provide novel experimental approaches for both fundamental biology and experimental medicine. To enhance the impact of this multidisciplinary field, it is essential that experts from the physiological and imaging communities interact, understand and exchange ideas.

This residential meeting will bring together world leading imaging scientists and physiologists across all scales of research, encouraging interaction and collaboration, with the aim of enhancing the impact of imaging science on experimental physiology and medicine. Invited speakers will discuss new imaging technologies, probes and tracers, advanced imaging applications in models of disease and therapy, and the translational impact of imaging. There will also be a call for abstracts for oral and poster presentation, and “hot topic” workshops where the key areas of the field will be introduced and discussed.

The meeting is suitable for physiologists and imaging scientists who want to interact with the leaders in the field, and for non-specialists wanting to learn about and become involved in the exciting world of imaging.

Speakers include: Adam Shuhendler (University of Ottawa, Canada), Bernd Pichler (University of Tubingen, Germany), Chris Contag (Stanford University, California, USA), Claire Elwell (University College London, UK), Dara Kraitchman (Johns Hopkins University, USA), David Hawkes (University College London, UK), Irene Tracey (University of Oxford, UK), Jason Swedlow (University of Dundee, UK), Kurt Anderson (The Francis Crick Institute, London, UK), Mark Lythgoe (University College London, UK), Patrick Phelps (Sofie Biosciences, California, USA) and Zaver Bhujwalla (Johns Hopkins University, USA).

View the confirmed programme here.