Proceedings of The Physiological Society

Proceedings Abstract - J Physiol 543P (2002)

Scientific Meeting held at University of Central Lancashire / University of Liverpool

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Cardiovascular/Respiratory ControlAbstractsPDF
Cellular NeurophysiologyAbstractsPDF
Cellular SignallingAbstractsPDF
Comparative & Invertebrate NeuroscienceAbstractsPDF
Comparative PhysiologyAbstractsPDF
Epithelia & Membrane TransportAbstractsPDF
GI TractAbstractsPDF
Human PhysiologyAbstractsPDF
Microvascular & Endothelial PhysiologyAbstractsPDF
Muscle ContractionAbstractsPDF
Sensory PhysiologyAbstractsPDF
Smooth MuscleAbstractsPDF


Control and Modulation of Respiratory SystemsAbstractsPDF
Functional Geonomics in the Nervious SystemAbstractsPDF
Mechanics of Muscle Contraction: from Lattice to LocomotionAbstractsPDF
Mechanisms of Ischaemic Cell DeathAbstractsPDF
Molecular Physiology of Calcium SignallingAbstractsPDF
Neuronal Modulation and PlasticityAbstractsPDF