Proceedings of The Physiological Society

Proceedings Abstract - J Physiol 552P (2003)

Scientific Meeting held at University of Manchester

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Demonstrations: Epithelia & Membrane Transport D2AbstractsPDF
Demonstrations: Heart & Cardiac Muscle D1AbstractsPDF
Designated Lecture: The Epithelial Na+ Channel ENaC DL1AbstractsPDF


Cardiovascular/Respiratory Control C47, P21AbstractsPDF
Cellular Neurophysiology C73AbstractsPDF
Cellular Signalling C60AbstractsPDF
Heart & Cardiac Muscle C14AbstractsPDF
Human Physiology P40AbstractsPDF
Ion Channels C54AbstractsPDF
Microvascular & Endothelial Physiology C12, P41AbstractsPDF
Muscle Contraction C53AbstractsPDF
Neuroscience P82AbstractsPDF
Renal Physiology/Epithelia & Membrane Transport C23AbstractsPDF
Smooth Muscle C1AbstractsPDF


Problem Based Learning SA8AbstractsPDF