Proceedings of The Physiological Society

Proceedings Abstract - J Physiol 560P (2004)

Scientific Meeting held at University College Cork

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Demonstrations - Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Autonomic Control D1-D2AbstractsPDF


Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Autonomic Control C1-C16 PC1-PC8AbstractsPDF
Cellular Neurophysiology C23-C28 PC12-PC17 PC20-PC21aAbstractsPDF
Cellular Signalling C43-C53 PC32-PC34AbstractsPDF
Development & Plasticity PC35AbstractsPDF
Epithelia & Membrane Transport PC36-PC37AbstractsPDF
Heart & Cardiac Muscle C30-C38 PC22-PC23AbstractsPDF
Ion Channels C39-C42 PC25-PC31AbstractsPDF
Placental & Perinatal Physiology C18AbstractsPDF
Renal Physiology C17 PC11AbstractsPDF
Respiratory Physiology C19-C21 PC9-PC10AbstractsPDF
Sensorimotor Control PC39AbstractsPDF
Teaching Workshop C22AbstractsPDF


Cardiovascular-renal interactions: central and peripheral autonomic control SA1-SA6AbstractsPDF
Cellular and integrative developments in water balance PC40-PC44AbstractsPDF
Purines, adenosine and nitric oxide in the regulation of kidney function SA14-SA19AbstractsPDF
Renal Physiology SA11AbstractsPDF
Topics in Water Transport SA8-SA9AbstractsPDF