Proceedings of The Physiological Society

Proceedings Abstract - J Physiol 567P (2005)

Scientific Meeting held at University of Bristol

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Demonstration - Cardiovascular,Respiratory and Autonomic Control D1-D2AbstractsPDF
Demonstration - Heart & Cardiac Muscle D3AbstractsPDF
Demonstration - Microvascular & Endothelial Physiology D4-D6 D9AbstractsPDF
Demonstration - Renal Physiology D7-D8AbstractsPDF
Demonstration - Sensory Functions D11AbstractsPDF
Demonstration - Somatosensory Physiology D10 D12-D14AbstractsPDF
Demonstration - Teaching D15-D16AbstractsPDF


Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Autonomic Control C35-C40 C78-C82 PC32-PC51 PC83-PC106aAbstractsPDF
Cellular Neurophysiology C130-C134 PC126-PC128b PC182-PC200AbstractsPDF
Cellular Signalling C25-C28 PC121-PC125AbstractsPDF
Endocrinology & Neuroendocrinology PC53-PC66AbstractsPDF
Epithelia and Membrane Transport C113-C118 PC165-PC175AbstractsPDF
GI Tract PC176AbstractsPDF
Heart & Cardiac Muscle C29-C34 C72-C77 C119-C124 PC1-PC31AbstractsPDF
Human Physiology C135-C140 PC177-PC181 PC214-PC220AbstractsPDF
Ion Channels C20-C24 C89-C93 PC129-PC157AbstractsPDF
Microvascular & Endothelial and Placental & Perinatal Physiology (Joint Session) C83-C88 PC107-PC120AbstractsPDF
Muscle Contraction C67-C69 PC80-PC81AbstractsPDF
Plasticity in the Human Motor System C62-C66AbstractsPDF
Renal Physiology PC162-PC164AbstractsPDF
Respiratory Physiology C70-C71 PC82AbstractsPDF
Sensorimotor Control PC201-PC208 PC211-PC213AbstractsPDF
Sensory Functions C125-C129 PC209-PC210AbstractsPDF
Smooth Muscle PC158-PC160AbstractsPDF
Somatosensory Physiology C41-C46 PC67-PC79AbstractsPDF
Teaching Physiology PC221-PC223AbstractsPDF
Workshop - Advanced fluorescence imaging in physiological sciences WA11-WA14AbstractsPDF
Workshop - Teaching physiology workshop WA1-WA10AbstractsPDF
Workshop - Therapeutic potential of stem cells WA15-WA18AbstractsPDF


Airway surface liquid homeostasis C55-C57 SA25-SA26AbstractsPDF
An affair of the heart: sex differences in cardiac function in health and disease C1-C4 SA1-SA4AbstractsPDF
Cellular ATP release in health and disease C51-C54 SA21-SA24AbstractsPDF
Contribution of non-neuronal cells to chronic pain of peripheral origin C58-C61 SA27-SA28AbstractsPDF
Integrative studies of spinal nociception and reflexes C16-C19 SA17-SA18AbstractsPDF
Ion channels and membrane lipids: from mechanisms to physiology C5-C8 SA5-SA9AbstractsPDF
Local signals and microdomains in smooth muscle C94-C98 SA36AbstractsPDF
Neurons, circuits and function in the developing spinal cord C106-C108 SA44-SA48AbstractsPDF
New aspects of sugar absorption: transport and sensing C99-C102 SA37-SA40AbstractsPDF
New insights into the origins of hypertension SA10-SA11AbstractsPDF
Plasticity in the human motor system SA29-SA31AbstractsPDF
Role of cell-matrix interactions in the control of vascular growth and function SA32-SA35AbstractsPDF
The endocrinology of obesity C12-C15 SA14-SA16AbstractsPDF
The juxtaglomerular cell C103-C104 SA41-SA43AbstractsPDF
The perirhinal cortex: from plasticity to function C109-C112 SA49-SA52AbstractsPDF
The role of ions in muscle excitability and fatigue C47-C50 SA19-SA20AbstractsPDF
Tonic GABA A receptor mediated conductances: from receptor to neuronal circuitry C9-C11 SA12-SA13AbstractsPDF