Proceedings of The Physiological Society

Proceedings Abstract - Proc 37th IUPS (2013)

Scientific Meeting held at 37th Congress of IUPS (Birmingham, UK)

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Cardiac & Respiratory PhysiologyAbstractsPDF
Cellular & Integrative NeuroscienceAbstractsPDF
Education & TeachingAbstractsPDF
Epithelia & Membrane TransportAbstractsPDF
Human & Exercise PhysiologyAbstractsPDF
Metabolism & EndocrinologyAbstractsPDF
Plenary or Keynote lectureAbstractsPDF
Vascular & Smooth Muscle PhysiologyAbstractsPDF


Ageing - epigenetic mechanisms underlying lifelong health and wellbeing (Ozanne & Reik)AbstractsPDF
Ageing, inactivity, exercise and gender: implications to skeletal muscle mass and metabolic function in humans (Greenhaff & Mittendorfer)AbstractsPDF
An integrated approach to the physiology of organic cation transporters (Ciarimboli & Gautron)AbstractsPDF
An update on inherited renal tubular disorders. (Bindels & Karet)AbstractsPDF
Angiogenesis: growth points (ESM/EVBO) (Egginton & Alitalo)AbstractsPDF
Atomic structures and molecular mechanisms of voltage-gated and ligand-gated ion channels (Dutzler & Morais-Cabral)AbstractsPDF
Auxiliary AMPA Receptor subunits: their role in central synaptic transmission (Cull-Candy & Farrant)AbstractsPDF
Bicarbonate transport in normal and cancerous tissues (Boron & )AbstractsPDF
Brain Imaging - an ethical time bomb? (Wardlaw & Greely)AbstractsPDF
Cardiac beta-adrenergic signalling in health and disease (Trafford & Most)AbstractsPDF
Cardiovascular developments that changed the world (Shiels & Rantin)AbstractsPDF
Cardiovascular regulation by miRNAs (ESM/EVBO) (Mann & Olson)AbstractsPDF
Cellular senescence in cardiovascular disease (ESM/EVBO) (Evans & Goligorsky)AbstractsPDF
Central versus peripheral neural control mechanisms in man: inputs and outputs (White & Lakie)AbstractsPDF
CFTR - Linking physiology, regulation and structure (Sheppard & Chen)AbstractsPDF
Collateral vessels: Growth mechanisms and functional characteristics (ESM/EVBO) (Pohl & Burnett)AbstractsPDF
Competency-based education in physiology: a global perspective (Galey & Silverthorn)AbstractsPDF
Contributions of Skeletal Muscle Myopathy to Heart Failure: Novel Mechanisms and Therapies (Chapleau & McNally)AbstractsPDF
Current Advances in Structure and Regulation of Epithelial Tight Junctions (Rao & Tsukita)AbstractsPDF
Dendritic ion channel function and plasticity (Shah & Hausser)AbstractsPDF
Development and functional organisation of neural circuits controlling breathing (Gourine & Thoby-Brisson)AbstractsPDF
Developmental programming of cardiovascular and renal disease in adulthood (Pollock & Fowden)AbstractsPDF
Dysfunctional chemoreceptors: cause or consequence of the symptoms of cardiorespiratory disease? (Kumar & Gargalloni)AbstractsPDF
Epigenetic and post-translational modification of the diseased heart (Wold & Delbridge)AbstractsPDF
Epigenetics: A new regulator of gene expression and cardiovascular diseases (ESM/EVBO) (Yla-Herttuala & Wold)AbstractsPDF
Epithelial Na channels - linking physiology, regulation and structure (Cook & Rotin)AbstractsPDF
Essential role of the vagus nerve for cardiac health and its recue from disease (Paterson & Ben-Tal)AbstractsPDF
Evolution of the vertebrate four-chambered heart (Hicks & Moorman)AbstractsPDF
From perception to action: neurophysiological mechanisms of conscious visual perception (Cook & Krug)AbstractsPDF
Gastrointestinal Flexibility: Ecology, Evolution and Microbial Symbiosis (Carey & Secor)AbstractsPDF
Generation of Respiratory and Sympathetic Activities in Health and Diseases (Machado & Goodchild)AbstractsPDF
High resolution microscopy (nanoscopy) and correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM). (Gaus & Lippincott-Schwartz)AbstractsPDF
Historical perspective on early physiology, 1870-1960 (Reinarz & )AbstractsPDF
Hydrogen sulfide in the vascular system: diverse roles and mechanisms (ESM/EVBO (Koller & Aaronson)AbstractsPDF
Hypometabolism, hypothermia and hibernation (Wang & Hohtola)AbstractsPDF
Hypoxia shows double faces--Effects and mechanisms (Fan & Beall)AbstractsPDF
Hypoxic pulmonary hypertension: mechanisms of pulmonary vascular change and their effect on the right ventricle (McLoughlin & Ward)AbstractsPDF
Imaging mouse visual cortex function and plasticityAbstractsPDF
Inhibitory Synapses: Ionic Shift Plasticity (Woodin & Blaesse)AbstractsPDF
Insight into the physiological roles of membrane transporters from drug transport studies (Anderson & Tamai)AbstractsPDF
Intercellular communications in the vasculature: from physiology to pathophysiology (ESM/EVBO) (Guibert & de Wit)AbstractsPDF
Interplay between neurones, astrocytes and blood vessels (Kasparov & Nedergaard)AbstractsPDF
Intracellular signalling microdomains in heart (Vaughan-Jones & Zhang)AbstractsPDF
Leukocyte recruitment in inflammation (ESM/EVBO) (Sperandio & Kubes)AbstractsPDF
Local calcium signals: mechanism and function (Parekh & Niemeyer)AbstractsPDF
Macrophage phenotype modulation in atherosclerosis (ESM/EVBO) (Ley & Nourshargh)AbstractsPDF
Mammalian nutrient sensing (Riccardi & Samson)AbstractsPDF
Mechanical stress and vascular remodelling (ESM/EVBO) (Xu & Wang)AbstractsPDF
Mechanistic Insights into Genotype-to-Phenotype Relationships (Beard & Marchiori)AbstractsPDF
Membrane potential investigated with voltage sensitive dyes (Canepari & Petersen)AbstractsPDF
Microvascular networks: causes and consequences (ESM/EVBO) (Pries & van Bavel)AbstractsPDF
Molecular basis of cardiac conduction system in disease (Dobrzynski & Boyett)AbstractsPDF
Molecular mechanisms of transmitter release (Rettig & Xu)AbstractsPDF
Mother, placenta, fetus and life long health (Lewis & Greenwood)AbstractsPDF
Multidisciplinary approaches to understanding synaptopathies (Jefferys & Chattarji)AbstractsPDF
Myometrial physiology - time to translate? (Wray & Cavajal)AbstractsPDF
Nanojunctions and calcium signaling in smooth muscle cells: from contraction and migration to gene expression (ESM/EVBO) (Evans & van Breeman)AbstractsPDF
Network oscillations: binding brain areas to functional structures (Sik & Buzsaki)AbstractsPDF
Neuronal inhibition dynamically regulates neuronal excitability. (Birnir & Stell)AbstractsPDF
Neurons, synapses and circuits in the auditory system: physiology, pathophysiology and potential therapeutics for hearing disorders. (Leao & Elgoyhen)AbstractsPDF
Neurotransmitter transporters: impact on nerve cell excitability and functionAbstractsPDF
New Advances in the Physiome and Systems Biology (McCulloch & Leem)AbstractsPDF
New insights into the acid-base microclimate as an integral regulator of epithelial function in health and disease (Gray & Seidler)AbstractsPDF
Obesity: Intergenerational programming and consequences (Green & Hester)AbstractsPDF
Orchestrating signals towards early therapeutically relevant clinical measures of neurodegeneration (Collingridge & Wren)AbstractsPDF
Pathophysiological mechanisms in atrial fibrillation (Schotten & Hatem)AbstractsPDF
Peptide modulation of hedonic food intake (Leng & Liposits)AbstractsPDF
Perivascular fat: role in metabolic and cardiovascular disease (ESM/EVBO) (Houben & Heagerty)AbstractsPDF
Physiological roles of Non-coding RNAs (Werner & Poliseno)AbstractsPDF
Physiological solutions in symbiotic systems (Medina & Weber)AbstractsPDF
Physiology and Evolution: has physiology become relevant again to evolutionary biology? (Noble & )AbstractsPDF
Physiology and mechanisms of the circadian control (Herzig & Atkinson)AbstractsPDF
Physiology of fasting and starvation (McCue & Valencak)AbstractsPDF
Physiology of protein palmitoylation (Shipston & Fukata)AbstractsPDF
Physiomics of TRP ion channels (Hoenderop & Voets)AbstractsPDF
Potassium channel complexes: dynamic aspects of the assembly and regulation towards their physiological roles (Kubo & Attali)AbstractsPDF
Recent advances in renin-angiotensin system and implications in health and disease (Raizada & Nguyen)AbstractsPDF
Role of TRP channels in the cardiovascular system (ESM/EVBO) (Brain & Earley)AbstractsPDF
Shedding light in the neurophysiological black box (Yawo & Trauner)AbstractsPDF
Signalling mechanisms that regulate vascular permeability (ESM/EVBO) (Fraser & Mehta)AbstractsPDF
Solute and ion cotransporters and exchangers at atomic resolution (Jentsch & Boudker)AbstractsPDF
Stem and progenitor cells in vascular remodelling and repair (ESM/EVBO) (Kalia & Majesky)AbstractsPDF
Stem Cells and Tissue Homeostasis (Wilm & Fre)AbstractsPDF
Synthetic Biology: scientific Progress or ethical Dilemma? (Moody-Corbett & Chan)AbstractsPDF
The activation of skeletal muscles: implications for fatigue (Nielsen & Taylor)AbstractsPDF
The Case for Comparative and Evolutionary Physiology in Clinical Research (Joyner & Martin)AbstractsPDF
The glutamatergic synapse: a neurodegenerative & psychiatric disease target (Wyllie & Raymond)AbstractsPDF
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: New Mechanisms of Signalling in the Injured Spinal System (King & Lopez-Garcia)AbstractsPDF
The Physiology of Rapid Responses to Estrogen (Harvey & Levin)AbstractsPDF
The role of intrinsic electrical activity in the maturation and refinement of the auditory and visual systems (Evans & Kros)AbstractsPDF
The role of membrane transporters in tumor growth and metabolism (Broer & Kanai)AbstractsPDF
The role of toxic Ca2+ signals in initiating pancreatitis and promoting pancreatic cancer (Petersen & Hegyi)AbstractsPDF
Three decades of Ca2+ sparks and Ca2+ waves in cardiac muscle (Smith & Bridge)AbstractsPDF
Transverse tubules in the heart: normal physiology and involvement in disease (Eisner & Louch)AbstractsPDF
Understanding microcirculatory blood flow using quantitative approaches (ESM/EVBO) (Frisbee & Lorthois)AbstractsPDF
Understanding the brain mechanisms of chronic pain (Chen & Tracey)AbstractsPDF
Understanding the etiology of hypertension. (Coffman & Waki)AbstractsPDF
Using narratives and stories to enhance learning (Mojiminiyi & Hansen)AbstractsPDF
Using technology to improve millenial students' learning (Wang & Kibble)AbstractsPDF
Vascular calcification (ESM/EVBO) (Alexander & Giachelli)AbstractsPDF
Voltage-gated calcium channels: novel roles (Dolphin & Chiesa)AbstractsPDF
What's hot in brown adipose tissue biology?AbstractsPDF