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Proceedings Abstract - Proc Life Sciences (2007)

Scientific Meeting held at Life Sciences 2007

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Bacteria PC300-PC304AbstractsPDF
Cancer PC305-PC325AbstractsPDF
Cardiovascular Bioscience PC1-PC31AbstractsPDF
Cardiovascular Bioscience PC326-PC392AbstractsPDF
Central Nervous System PC32-PC65AbstractsPDF
Central Nervous System PC393-PC425AbstractsPDF
Education PC66-PC71AbstractsPDF
Exercise PC426-PC438AbstractsPDF
Exercise PC72-PC96AbstractsPDF
GPCR PC439-PC485AbstractsPDF
Imaging PC486AbstractsPDF
Imaging PC97-PC103AbstractsPDF
Inflammation PC104-PC142AbstractsPDF
Inflammation PC487-PC500AbstractsPDF
Ion Channels PC142-PC233AbstractsPDF
Life Sciences General Poster Session PC527-PC599AbstractsPDF
Metabolism PC234-PC265AbstractsPDF
Plenary Lecture - The Biochemical Society AstraZeneca Award Lecture PL6AbstractsPDF
Plenary Lecture - The Biochemical Society Colworth Medal Lecture PL7AbstractsPDF
Plenary Lecture - The Biochemical Society Jubilee Lecture PL1AbstractsPDF
Plenary Lecture - The British Pharmacological Society ASCEPT Lecture PL4AbstractsPDF
Plenary Lecture - The Physiological Society Annual Review Prize Lecture PL5AbstractsPDF
Plenary Lecture - The Physiological Society Michael de Burgh Daly Lecture PL3AbstractsPDF
Plenary Lecture - The Physiological Society Paton Lecture PL2AbstractsPDF
Promega UK Young Life Scientist Award for Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Physiology 2007 C73-C78 PC137, PC168, PC276, PC338, PC393, PC540AbstractsPDF
Signalling PC266-PC299AbstractsPDF
Signalling PC501-PC526AbstractsPDF


A day in the life of a GPCR (Henderson/Mundell)AbstractsPDF
Advances in acute stroke research (Green)AbstractsPDF
Advances in peroxisomal alpha, beta and omega-oxidation (Lloyd)AbstractsPDF
Beyond Ca2+ pumps (Empson)AbstractsPDF
Biochemical and physiological aspects of oxygen sensing (Rich)AbstractsPDF
Biophysical approaches to exploring ion channel structure and dynamics (Lee/Michelangeli)AbstractsPDF
Calcium dysregulation in disease (Roderick)AbstractsPDF
Cancer chemoprevention (Wallace)AbstractsPDF
Cell biology of protein kinase C (Poole)AbstractsPDF
Cerebrovascular function: changes in health and disease (Corfield)AbstractsPDF
Checkpoints, signalling, apoptosis and cancer (Wallace)AbstractsPDF
Collagen cross-linking as a therapeutic target in cardiovascular disease (Wainwright)AbstractsPDF
Compartmentalized signalling in neurons - Part 1 (Challiss/Cockcroft/Pedarzani)AbstractsPDF
Compartmentalized signalling in neurons - part 2 (Challiss/Cockcroft/Pedarzani)AbstractsPDF
Dendritic neuropeptide release (Ludwig)AbstractsPDF
Diabetes, insulin and amino acid metabolism (Newsholme/Eaton)AbstractsPDF
Drugs and human performance: mechanisms of action and efficacy of detection (Harridge)AbstractsPDF
Elementary properties of exocytosis and endocytosis (Heidelberger/Burgoyne/Zorec)AbstractsPDF
Emerging roles for proteinase-activated receptors in health and disease (Ferrell/Lockhart/Plevin/Bushell)AbstractsPDF
Exercise and ageing (Lancaster)AbstractsPDF
Glutamate receptor trafficking and synaptic plasticity (Harvey)AbstractsPDF
How microbes keep themselves clean: bacterial resistance to xenobiotics (Busby)AbstractsPDF
Imaging in the life sciences (Daly)AbstractsPDF
In vivo imaging of small animals using positron emission tomography (Davenport)AbstractsPDF
Ion channel trafficking in health and disease (Fedida)AbstractsPDF
Ionic control of endosome and phagosome function (Allen)AbstractsPDF
Lights, camera...GPCR! (Irving)AbstractsPDF
Maintenance of muscle mass (Greenhaff)AbstractsPDF
Mechanisms and drug targets in resolution of inflammation (Ward/O'Neill)AbstractsPDF
Mechanisms and modulators of respiratory neurogenesis (Potts)AbstractsPDF
Mechanisms of diet and exercise induced protection from obesity and diabetes (Downes/Taylor)AbstractsPDF
Mechanisms of inflammatory neurodegeneration (Brown)AbstractsPDF
Mitochondria and brain function (Porter)AbstractsPDF
Molecular imaging in biology (Brindle)AbstractsPDF
Molecular scaffolds - dynamics and specificity in signalling complex formation (Dart/Houslay)AbstractsPDF
Molecular scaffolds: signalling complexes in the synapse (Houslay)AbstractsPDF
Molecular targets for cancer therapy (Wallace)AbstractsPDF
Multiple synaptic vesicle retrieval pathways in neuronal physiology (Cousin)AbstractsPDF
Neurohormonal mediators: keeping cardiac hypertrophy in check (McDermott)AbstractsPDF
Neuronal control of peripheral glucose metabolism (Sutherland)AbstractsPDF
New insights into the anti-inflammatory effects of adenosine A2A receptor agonists (Trevethick/Palmer)AbstractsPDF
New perspectives of nicotinic receptors: from molecular structure to behaviour (Wonnacott)AbstractsPDF
Nutrient sensing and signalling in epithelial cells (Case/Shirazi-Beechey)AbstractsPDF
Oxidative stress and the endothelium (Wadsworth)AbstractsPDF
Oxidative/nitrosative stress (Megson)AbstractsPDF
Pharmacological chaperones (Connolly)AbstractsPDF
Protein kinase C: from function to drug target (Poole)AbstractsPDF
Protein-protein interactions: latest advances in biophysical and theoretical approaches (Austen/Haris)AbstractsPDF
Pulmonary hypertension and signalling in pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells (Gurney/MacLean)AbstractsPDF
Remodelling of blood vessels and cell proliferation (Kennedy)AbstractsPDF
Research – Teaching linkage: enhancing graduate attributes (Gartland/Wood)AbstractsPDF
Schizophrenia: From genes to treatment (Pratt)AbstractsPDF
Short lived mediators in the blood vessel wall (Warner)AbstractsPDF
Signals and SNARES regulating vesicle exocytosis (Seward)AbstractsPDF
Spotlight on mechanisms of leucocyte trafficking and transendothelial migration new opportunities for drug discovery (Ward)AbstractsPDF
Structure-based drug design - Part I (Roberts)AbstractsPDF
Structure-based drug design - Part II (Roberts)AbstractsPDF
Therapeutic potential of orphan GPCR research (Wise)AbstractsPDF
Trapping the GAS: from biochemistry to new therapeutics (Cirino/Perretti)AbstractsPDF
Understanding the enemy: current research in TB (Busby/Besra)AbstractsPDF
Xtreme-Everest (Grocott)AbstractsPDF