Proceedings of The Physiological Society

Proceedings Abstract - Proc Physiol Soc 27 (2012)

Scientific Meeting held at Physiology 2012 (Edinburgh)

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Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Autonomic ControlAbstractsPDF
Cellular NeurophysiologyAbstractsPDF
Cellular SignallingAbstractsPDF
Epithelia & Membrane TransportAbstractsPDF
Gastrointestinal TractAbstractsPDF
Heart & Cardiac MuscleAbstractsPDF
Human PhysiologyAbstractsPDF
Ion ChannelsAbstractsPDF
Microvascular & Endothelial PhysiologyAbstractsPDF
Muscle ContractionAbstractsPDF
Neural Development & PlasticityAbstractsPDF
Placental & Perinatal PhysiologyAbstractsPDF
Prize LectureAbstractsPDF
Renal PhysiologyAbstractsPDF
Respiratory PhysiologyAbstractsPDF
Sensorimotor ControlAbstractsPDF
Sensory FunctionsAbstractsPDF
Smooth MuscleAbstractsPDF
Somatosensory PhysiologyAbstractsPDF


Activity-dependent modulation of neuronal excitability and action potential initiationAbstractsPDF
Advancing our understanding of the pathophysiology of cardiac disease using in vivo assessment of heart function in rodent modelsAbstractsPDF
Blood flow regulation: from rest to maximal exerciseAbstractsPDF
Cellular and molecular mechanisms in atrial fibrillationAbstractsPDF
Coordination of smooth muscleAbstractsPDF
Degradation of neurovascular communication in disease: is it an inflammatory problem?AbstractsPDF
FFARmacology in diabetes AbstractsPDF
From space station to terrestrial health: The physiology of manned space flight.AbstractsPDF
Functional dissection of the brain using optogeneticsAbstractsPDF
How can we cure obesity? (SfE)AbstractsPDF
How is skeletal muscle carbohydrate and fat selection regulated during exercise in humans?AbstractsPDF
Hypoxia-response coupling in oxygen-sensing cells: will the true mechanism please stand upAbstractsPDF
Ion channel regulation by gasotransmittersAbstractsPDF
Modelling approaches to advancing physiologyAbstractsPDF
Neuronal oxidative stress: linking molecular mechanism to translational opportunityAbstractsPDF
Rapid actions of aldosterone on epithelial ion transportAbstractsPDF
Seeing, smelling and forgetting fearAbstractsPDF
Standard setting in physiologyAbstractsPDF
The regulation of skeletal muscle mass in old ageAbstractsPDF
Therapeutic potential of gene therapyAbstractsPDF
Therapeutic potential of gene therapyAbstractsPDF
Vascular smooth muscle mechanisms of plasticity, differentiation and remodellingAbstractsPDF