Proceedings of The Physiological Society

Proceedings Abstract - Proc Physiol Soc 3 (2006)

Scientific Meeting held at University College London 2006

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Demonstrated Communications - Cardiovascular,Respiratory and Autonomic Control D1AbstractsPDF
Demonstrated Communications - Cellular Neurophysiology D3AbstractsPDF
Demonstrated Communications - Cellular Signalling D2AbstractsPDF
Demonstrated Communications - Heart and Cardiac D4AbstractsPDF
Demonstrated Communications - Sensory Functions DC1-DC2AbstractsPDF
Workshop - Methodologies in Systems Neuroscience WA1-WA3AbstractsPDF
Workshop - Teaching Workshop WA4AbstractsPDF


Blood Brain Barrier PC200AbstractsPDF
Cardiovascular,Respiratory and Autonomic Control C59-C62 C92-C95 PC66-PC88AbstractsPDF
Cellular Neurophysiology C67-C70 C107-C110 PC139-PC175AbstractsPDF
Cellular Signalling C84-C87 PC176-PC191aAbstractsPDF
Comparative & Invertebrate Neuroscience PC138AbstractsPDF
Development & Plasticity C72-C75 PC134-PC137AbstractsPDF
Epithelia & Membrane Transport PC1-PC6AbstractsPDF
GI Tract PC7-PC8AbstractsPDF
Heart and Cardiac Muscle C22-C25 C51-C54 PC89-PC102AbstractsPDF
Human Physiology C37-C40 C45-C48 PC119-PC131AbstractsPDF
Ion Channels C15-C18 C34-C36 PC22-PC42AbstractsPDF
Locomotion PC133AbstractsPDF
Microvascular & Endothelial Physiology C119-C122 PC193-PC199AbstractsPDF
Muscle Contraction PC103-PC107AbstractsPDF
Neuroendocrinology-Endocrinology PC43-PC49AbstractsPDF
Placental & Perinatal Physiology C76-C79 C115-C118 PC201-PC211AbstractsPDF
Renal Physiology C1-C4 PC9-PC21AbstractsPDF
Respiratory Physiology PC212AbstractsPDF
Sensorimotor Control C9-C11AbstractsPDF
Sensorimotor Control PC50-PC61AbstractsPDF
Sensory Functions PC215-PC217AbstractsPDF
Smooth Muscle C98-C102 PC108-PC118AbstractsPDF
Somatosensory Physiology C30-C33AbstractsPDF
Teaching PC62-PC65AbstractsPDF


2-pore domain K+ channels: Regulators of cell excitability C12-C14 SA8-SA12AbstractsPDF
Achievements and perspectives in locomotion studies SA20-SA22AbstractsPDF
Descending controls as a determinant ofthe pain experience C26-C29 SA17-SA19AbstractsPDF
Developmental origins ofbrain disease C71 SA39-SA40AbstractsPDF
From hair bundle to hearing brain: emergent themes in the auditory neuroscience C96-C97 SA49-SA53AbstractsPDF
Intracellular Calcium Channels C80-C83 SA41-SA44AbstractsPDF
Matching molecules to function: potassium channels in the brain C103-C106 SA54-SA58AbstractsPDF
Membrane trafficking and surface dynamics of neurotransmitter receptors C5-C8 SA1-SA7AbstractsPDF
Muscle-energetic and cardio-pulmonary determinants ofexercise tolerance in humans C55-C58 SA32-SA36AbstractsPDF
pH and the heart in health and disease C49-C50 SA27-SA31AbstractsPDF
Phosphatidylinositols and physiology: transfer,transport and traffic C41-C44 SA23-SA26AbstractsPDF
Placental vasculature: structure and function C111-C114 SA59-SA62AbstractsPDF
Pores for ammonia, transporters for ammonium, and Rh proteins C19-C21 SA13-SA16AbstractsPDF
Signal processing in single cells and networks C63-C66 SA37-SA38AbstractsPDF
The brainstem - an interface between cardiac and respiratory control C88-C91 SA45-SA48AbstractsPDF