Proceedings of The Physiological Society

Proceedings Abstract - Proc Physiol Soc 37 (2016)

Scientific Meeting held at Physiology 2016 (Dublin, Ireland)

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Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Autonomic ControlAbstractsPDF
Cellular SignallingAbstractsPDF
Comparative PhysiologyAbstractsPDF
Epithelia & Membrane Transport Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Autonomic Control Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Autonomic Control Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Autonomic Control Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Autonomic Control Cardiovascular,AbstractsPDF
GI TractAbstractsPDF
Health & WellbeingAbstractsPDF
Heart and Cardiac MuscleAbstractsPDF
Human PhysiologyAbstractsPDF
Ion ChannelsAbstractsPDF
Microvascular & Endothelial PhysiologyAbstractsPDF
Muscle ContractionAbstractsPDF
Neural Development & PlasticityAbstractsPDF
Placental & Perinatal PhysiologyAbstractsPDF
Prize or Keynote LecturerAbstractsPDF
Renal PhysiologyAbstractsPDF
Respiratory PhysiologyAbstractsPDF
Sensorimotor ControlAbstractsPDF
Sensory FunctionsAbstractsPDF
Smooth MuscleAbstractsPDF
Somatosensory PhysiologyAbstractsPDF


Above and below the medulla: New roles for the sensorimotor cortex and spinal cord in respirationAbstractsPDF
Adaptive outcomes of microvascular networks to obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus/insulin resistanceAbstractsPDF
Animal models of sleep: from 100 billion to 302 neuronsAbstractsPDF
Bittersweet: Sensing the local environment and evoking physiological changeAbstractsPDF
Can you outrun a bad diet?AbstractsPDF
Caveolae in the heart: Molecular and intracellular interactions define functionAbstractsPDF
Children with insulin resistance: Cardiovascular and autonomic consequencesAbstractsPDF
Circadian regulation of cardiovascular and kidney functionAbstractsPDF
Different models of public engagement with physiology in different countries & different sections of the community; and their translatability both within and to different countries (particularly develAbstractsPDF
Disease-causing mutations in CNS ligand-gated ion channelsAbstractsPDF
Does feedback have a role in evidence-based teaching?AbstractsPDF
Heartfelt signalsAbstractsPDF
Human PhysiologyAbstractsPDF
Is the control of skeletal muscle fuel metabolism impaired as we age?AbstractsPDF
Lymphatic function and homeostasisAbstractsPDF
Making new connections: Novel insights into renal crosstalkAbstractsPDF
Making sense of mechanosensing: Are there universal mechanisms of mechanotransduction in peripheral nerves?AbstractsPDF
Mitochondria in the integrative physiology of obesity and metabolic dysfunctionAbstractsPDF
Molecular multi-tasking: New insights into dual-function membrane transportersAbstractsPDF
Novel approaches to probe the molecular activation of ion channels from the nicotinic superfamilyAbstractsPDF
Physiological approaches to study the science of human sedentarinessAbstractsPDF
Physiological gases in health and diseaseAbstractsPDF
Role of parafacial (retrotrapezoid) respiratory neurons in control of breathingAbstractsPDF
Roles of TRPV4 in brain epithelial and neuronal cellsAbstractsPDF
Sex differences in health, aging and diseaseAbstractsPDF
Sleep and the ageing arain: Harnessing translational physiology to study the impact of risk and protective factors in health and diseaseAbstractsPDF
Stress during pregnancy: Physiological consequences for intrauterine developmentAbstractsPDF
Targeting the colon for treatment of metabolic diseasesAbstractsPDF
The carotid body chemoreflex and its pivotal role in autonomic dysregulation: finding new avenues to restore the autonomic functionAbstractsPDF
The microbiota+AbstractsPDF
The pulmonary circulation in hypoxic lung diseasesAbstractsPDF
When the levee breaks: Integrated mechanisms of mucosal defence and resolution of inflammationAbstractsPDF