Proceedings of The Physiological Society

Proceedings Abstract - Proc Physiol Soc 7 (2007)

Scientific Meeting held at Queen's University Belfast

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Cellular Signalling C1, PC10AbstractsPDF
Ion Channels C2 C6 C9 C10 PC2 PC4 PC8 PC9 PC11 PC15 PC18 PC19AbstractsPDF
Microvascular & Endothelial Physiology C3 C4 C5 C8 PC5 PC7 PC12 PC13 PC14 PC17AbstractsPDF
Renal Physiology PC1AbstractsPDF
Smooth Muscle C7 PC3 PC6 PC16AbstractsPDF


Cellular Neurophysiology SA7AbstractsPDF
Ion Channels SA1 SA4 SA9 SA11AbstractsPDF
Microvascular & Endothelial Physiology SA2 SA5 SA6 SA8 SA10 SA12AbstractsPDF
Smooth Muscle SA3AbstractsPDF