Birmingham Teaching Workshop

Teaching workshop discussionThe Education and Teaching Theme’s series of workshops continued at Birmingham on 19 December 2011, with Feedback and Feedforward in Physiology Teaching. The event tackled one of the thorny issues for teachers – how do you effectively communicate your comments back to students to help them improve their work? The workshop, the first to be organised collaboratively by Members from two separate universities,attracted over 50 delegates from across the UK and further afield - including Nigeria, South Africa and India.

The day kicked off with an exploration of the links between control theory in physiological systems and in education from Dr Prem Kumar. From Professor Julian Park, delegates learned about the use of video and mobile phones for feedback – with the chance to text their own comments directly to the main screen – and in the afternoon, groups were given a chance to develop their own educational research grant proposals.

As usual, the Physiology Teaching Swap Shop provided a great opportunity for delegates to present their educational research and teaching projects. These covered a wide range of topics, including managing the expectations of new undergraduates, improving engagement in practical classes and feedback in group exercises.

Discussion over seasonal lunchThere was a further chance for the group to present research with posters during the lunch, and a networking session at the end of the day, to share experiences over mulled wine.  

Thanks go to organisers; Wendy Leadbeater, Clare Ray and Teresa Thomas from University of Birmingham, and Laura Ginesi, Tricia Fell and Maxine Lintern from Birmingham City University, and also to the sponsors; The School of Clinical & Experimental Medicine, University of Birmingham, Birmingham City University, ADInstruments, Wiley-Blackwell Publishing.

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