Surveying our Members on Brexit

This is the key issue for the science sector at the moment, and concern is reaching fever pitch with the triggering of Article 50. Using an internet survey platform, the Policy team distributed a survey to the whole Society membership. We received 350 responses which have been collated to paint a clear picture of the priorities and fears of the physiology community over the outcomes of Brexit.

Key points which were apparent include:

  • The most important issue of the campaign was movement of people (34%)
  • 61% of respondents think their research funding will be reduced
  • Free movement for scientists and students (42% combined) is seen as a bigger key goal than EU funding access (33%)
  • Of those respondents whose opinion on the outlook for science after Brexit has changed since the result, 78% think it has got worse.

The full conclusions of the survey have been collated into an infographic, and are discussed in our latest blog post. Feel free to print and/or distribute this infographic, and get in touch if you would like a high-quality paper copy.