N.B. Logged in Members can follow the links below to see Council members' online profiles.

David Eisner - President - University of Manchester

Bridget Lumb - Deputy President - University of Bristol

Anne King - Honorary Treasurer - University of Leeds

Susan Deuchars - Interim Chair, Meetings Committee, University of Leeds, Institute of Membrane and Systems Biology

Lucy Donaldson - Chair, Policy Committee - University of Nottingham

Sarah Hall - Chair, Education & Outreach Committee - Cardiff University

Prem Kumar - Chair, Publications Committee - University of Birmingham

Mike Ludwig - University of Edinburgh Medical School Centre for Integrative Physiology

Rachel Tribe - Chair, Membership & Grants Committee - King's College London

Deborah Baines - St George's Hospital Medical School

Philip Aaronson - Guy's Hospital, London

Guy Bewick - University of Aberdeen

Frank Sengpiel - Cardiff University

Holly Shiels - University of Manchester

Federico Formenti - King's College London

Graham McGeown - Queen's University Belfast

Rachel McCormick - Affiliate Member - University of Liverpool

Mat Piasecki - Affiliate Member - Manchester Metropolitan University