Webinar: Developmental mentoring

25 April 2017

1pm – 2pm BST

Mentoring is a process of development for an individual (the ‘mentee’) which is supportive and positive. Mentoring is typically provided by a more senior colleague (the ‘mentor’) who is based in the same profession.

Developmental mentoring is a process to empower others to take charge of their own career progression. The mentor’s accumulated experience and wisdom are not necessarily passed on, but can be accessed when appropriate. There is a high level of trust and openness that allows the mentor and mentee to address difficult issues as they arise.

What are the benefits?

For the mentee… provides a safe haven to explore professional development and work-based issues, and a sounding board for difficult decisions.

For the mentor… a great opportunity to develop skills in developing others, with the opportunity to reflect and review their own experience and offer insight into the learning gained

Our free webinar

We believe that encouraging the development of such supportive and positive relationships will be beneficial to the scientific community. On April 25 (1pm-2pm), Alexis Hutson provided a bespoke webinar on developmental mentoring. 

Alexis is a consultant for coaching doctors with a wealth of experience in developmental mentoring, specifically for doctors, but has also applied her knowledge to great effect beyond this field.

Watch the webinar below. Members of The Society can also register for our introductory service.