Society supported symposium at Experimental Biology 2018 - Epithelial Crosstalk and Innate Immunity

25 April 2018

San Diego Convention Center, Room 23, San Diego, United States

8.30 – 10.00

Chair: James Garnett, Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany and Newcastle University, UK

The epithelium is much more than a selective barrier to ions and solutes, its role in host-microbiome crosstalk could provide innovative alternative approaches to overcome inflammatory diseases, in particular those affecting the intestinal and respiratory mucosa. New insights into the innate immune function and immunomodulatory capacity of epithelial cells could see epithelia classified in physiology textbooks of the future as a type of immune cell.  The aim of this cross-disciplinary symposium will be to explore the role of the epithelium beyond ion and solute transport capabilities.


Regulation of chronic intestinal pathology by autophagy.
Kevin Maloy, University of Oxford, UK

Antiviral innate immune signaling promotes bacterial biofilm growth during viral-bacterial co-infection.
Jennifer Bomberger, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Mucin-neutrophil interaction and the respiratory epithelium.
Jason Powell, Newcastle University, UK


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