Education policy

Physiology education is one of The Society’s key policy priorities: a number of initiatives and partnerships have been set up to ensure that The Society is able to promote and inform physiology education at all levels.

Up to age 19, The Society works particularly with the Royal Society of Biology through its Education Policy Advisory Group, feeding into consultation responses and working collaboratively on cross-disciplinary projects such as the Biology Curriculum Committee.

At higher education level, The Society works with the Education Policy Advisory Group on cross-disciplinary issues but also responds individually to these issues, where appropriate. The Society also leads on a substantial body of work looking into the reward and recognition of higher education teaching.

Education policy is overseen by The Society’s Policy and Education and Outreach Committees, with valuable support from The Society’s Education and Teaching Theme.

For further details on this work and how to get involved, please email the Policy Officer on

Current work

The Society is currently engaging on a number of higher education projects related to the reward and recognition of teaching, and would be very grateful for Members’ input. More details about this work are available here.

Past work

A record of The Society’s completed work and projects is available here.