Education & Outreach Committee


To foster and support the understanding, learning and teaching of physiology throughout the education system and to the wider public.


Reporting to Council, the Committee is responsible for oversight and leadership of The Society’s education and outreach activities, specifically:

  • identifying priorities and annual objectives, monitoring progress and reporting the outcomes to Council;
  • maintaining oversight of the annual budget and providing advice to Council on the allocation of appropriate resources;
  • co-ordinating the organisation of courses and workshops to encourage interest in physiology at school and to support specialist teaching skills and outreach activities in Universities;
  • providing resources and support for educational activities aimed at higher education students and staff;
  • enhancing best practice in school education, ensuring materials are in line with and support the curriculum;
  • providing appropriate careers advice for those considering, or currently, studying physiology;
  • providing materials and resources for disseminating information about, and stimulating interest in, physiology to the wider public;
  • providing information and advice to Government, the teaching and funding agencies, the media and all those involved in teaching and careers guidance and the communication and promotion of science; and
  • liaising with the Policy Committee to ensure a coordinated approach.