Society activities

Physiology Friday - Friday 13 October 2017

Every October we ask physiologists to unite in celebration of Physiology Friday, an annual event falling on the last Friday of Biology Week (

We call on all our Members to help showcase the important and amazing world of human and animal bodies through outreach and public engagement activities.  Hold an open day in your lab, put on an exhibition, organise a public lecture or debate, visit schools or local community groups, bake a cake, write a poem, start a social media campaign, do all you can to spread your passion for the science of life.

Date for the diary:

Physiology Friday 2018 – Friday 13 October
Physiology Friday 2019 - Friday 11 October

Interested in getting involved? The Society is happy to organise partnerships, if you are interested in putting on an event, or would like to organise a visit from one of our Member to your school or community group email

Biology Week - 7-15 October 2017

Biology Week is an annual celebration of the bioscience, with events around the UK and beyond! Represent physiology by putting on a public event or outreach activity! 

British Science Week Friday - 10 March-29 March 2017

There is no one better to spread a love of physiology than our Members! Use British Science Week to share your passion. Visit schools, and join in community events in your area through talks and hands on activities. Make sure you let us know what you're up to so we can list your event on our website. 

Brain Awareness Week Monday 13 March - Sunday 19 March 

Time to get your brain hats on! Join the fun of Brain Awareness Week by organising a neuro themed event or activity! 

Stuck for ideas? The Dana Foundation website has lots of great ideas!