Advanced course: Genome-wide gene expression profiling

Centre for Genomic Research,
University of Liverpool,
Liverpool, United Kingdom

The course is presented by the Centre for Genomic Research and the Centre for Computational Biology and Modeling at the University of Liverpool. We offer keynote talks by experts in the areas covered and a large portion of the course comprises practical computer sessions, allowing delegates to obtain hands-on experience.

This course is designed to provide a 4-day introduction to the conceptual, practical and interpretational issues involved in large-scale gene expression profiling. Whole transcriptome profiling in now well established, and can be applied to a wide range of biological questions. However, it is challenging both in handling the huge amounts of data generated, and downstream interpretation.

This course covers aspects associated with next-generation sequencing-based approaches to transcriptional profiling (RNA-Seq), comprising the following sections:

  • Introduction to next-generation sequencing and RNA-Seq
  • Experimental design and cost implications
  • Laboratory tour of sequencing laboratory
  • Informatic issues: The command-line interface, Data handling and statistical analyses, Analysis in the iPlant environment, Network modelling

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Please note that the deadline for applications is Tuesday 14 February 2017.