My membership and applications

My membership

You can use our online member portal to renew or upgrade your membership. Please see our subscription rates and payment options for costs and ways to pay.

In order to receive the most relevant content, please update your online profile with your interests. You can also amend your personal or professional details with us to keep your online profile up to date.

Grants and discounts

We offer a range of grants to Members for travel, research and public engagement. Members can apply for our grants schemes through our online application service.

Members (all categories) on a career break or maternity leave are eligible for a one year waiver of the subscription fee from the date you notify us of these circumstances.  If this applies to you please write to us at You retain all your benefits of membership during this period.

If you are retiring, and have been a paying Member with voting rights for at least five years, you can apply for free retired Member status by submitting our online declaration. Retired Members can access all the usual benefits of membership and attend Society meetings at a reduced cost.