Funded activities

This page gives an outline of upcoming and recent outreach and public engagement activities supported by our grants schemes. For activities run by The Society please see Society Activities, for further information on our funding categories, and how to apply please see our Grants page. 

Along with our Outreach Grants and Public Engagment Grants we provide ongoing funding for the Mobile Teaching Unit, and have sponsered physiology themed museum exhibitions and events around the country.

Previous Outreach Grant Projects

Previous Public Engagement Grant Projects

Recent and Upcoming Projects


Saturday 22 March 2014,  South Street Arts Centre, 7.30pm 

Part funded by The Society’s Outreach Grants we are excited to present to you Reading’s first Science Slam!, a thrilling competition in which scientists present their mind-boggling work in a comprehensible and accessible way in just six minutes! 

Find out how to become a slammer here.

For tickets to the even click here.

RVC Lates 

The Royal Veterinary College was the recipient of one of The Society's 2013 Public Engagement Grants. The funding allowed the college to run their second RVC Lates, an evening event which invited the public behind the doors of their Camden campus. The night, which ran during Biology Week, let visitors try their hand at research techniques at a range of interactive stands, learn about the hearts of different species, diagnose cow pregnancy using Hapatic simulator, and witness a live dissection of a (dead) sheep.

Initiated in 2012, these nights aim to showcase the innovative scientific research which takes place at the college's Camden and Hawkshead sites. Their next event will be in April 2014.

Glasgow Science Centre: Bodyworks
Bodyworks is a new £2 million exhibition at Glasgow Science Centre (GSC) that opened in 2013. It's described as, “A unique and inspiring programme exploring the science underpinning health and wellbeing in the 21st century.”

The Society sponsors the My Physiology station within the exhibition and will be encouraging its members to take part in GSC's Meet The Scientists events.