GL Brown Prize Lecture


Extreme Threats - Mike Tipton

Tipton M J (2016) Exp Physiol 101, 1–14   

Given at University of Keele, 27 May; University of Cambridge, 28 May; University of Westminster, 17 July; University of Bath, 25 September; University of Portsmouth, 30 September; Trinity College Dublin, 7 October; University of Brighton, 9 October; University of Sheffied, 15 October; The Physiological Society London, 16 October.  

Calcium in the heart: from physiology to disease - David Eisner

Eisner D (2014) Exp Physiol 99, 1273–1282

Given at Imperial College London, 3 March; University of Liverpool, 4 March; University of Edinburgh, 7 March; University of Glasgow, 10 March; University of Bristol, 17 March; Open University, Milton Keynes, 18 March; Queens University, Belfast, 24 March; University of Southampton, 28 May; University of Cambridge, 29 May.


Neighbourhood watch: monitoring and responding to local calcium signals in health and disease Anant Parekh 

The wonders of the Wanderer - Jim Deuchars

Clancy JA, Deuchars SA & Deuchars J (2013) Exp Physiol 98, 38–45

Given at the Universities of Birmingham, Bristol, Strathclyde, Sheffield, Leicester, St Andrews, Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin and the School of Pharmacy, University College London.


Born to be big? How our early life environment may ‘programme’ obesity - Lucilla Poston


Seeing is believing! Imaging Ca2+-signalling events in living cells - J Graham McGeown

McGeown JG (2010) Exp Physiol 95, 1049–1060

Given at the Universities of Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Bristol and at Imperial College London.

'And the beat goes on.' The cardiac conduction system: the wiring system of the heart - Mark R Boyett

Boyett MR (2009) Exp Physiol 94, 1035–1049

Given at the Universities of Newcastle, Glasgow, London (King's College), East Anglia, Bristol, Cambridge, Cork and Belfast.

Feeding signals to the hungry mind - Nina Balthasar 

Balthasar N (2009) Exp Physiol 94, 857–866

Given at the Universities of Cardiff, Manchester, Warwick, Birmingham, Oxford, Cork and Edinburgh.

Facts, fantasies and fun in epithelial physiology - CA Richard Boyd

Boyd CAR (2008) Exp Physiol 93, 303–314

Given the Universities of Dundee, Belfast, London (St George's), Warwick, Liverpool, Cambridge and Oxford.

Matters of the heart: the physiology of cardiac function and failure - Godfrey Smith

Godfrey Smith G (2007) Exp Physiol 92, 973–986

Given at the Universities of Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, King's College London, University College Cork, Manchester and Dundee.

Body maintenance and repair: how food and exercise keep the musculoskeletal system in good shape - Michael J Rennie

Rennie MJ (2005) Exp Physiol 90, 427–436

Given at the Universities of Aberdeen, Bristol, Coventry, Glasgow, Loughborough and Oxford, and at The Queen's University of Belfast, King's College London and Tapton Beacon School, Sheffield.

Hypoxic regulation of ion channel function and expression - Chris Peers

Peers C (2002) Exp Physiol 87, 413–422

Nitric oxide and the autonomic regulation of cardiac excitability - David Paterson

Paterson D (2001) Exp Physiol 86, 1–12

Voltage-dependent calcium channels and their modulation by neurotransmitters and G proteins - Annette C Dolphin

Dolphin AC (1995) Exp Physiol 80, 1–36

The cellular machinery of the cochlea - Jonathan Ashmore

Ashmore JF (1994) Exp Physiol79, 113–134

Cortical control of the primate hand - Roger Lemon

Lemon RN (1993) Exp Physiol 78, 263–301

Potassium channels, metabolism and muscle - Nicholas B Standen

Standen NB (1992) Exp Physiol 77, 1–25

Adventures in anaesthesia - Anthony Angel

Angel A (1991) Exp Physiol 76, 1–38

Regulatory peptides and the neuroendocrinology of gut-brain relations - Graham J Dockray

Dockray GJ (1988) Exp Physiol 73, 703–727