H3 symposium: Glio-vascular coupling

12 May 2017

Hodgkin Huxley House,
30 Farringdon Lane,
London EC1R 3AW, United Kingdom

This symposium will bring together experts in the field of glial biology and those interested in cardiovascular biology.

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There is a growing awareness in both research communities of the tightly regulated communication between glial cells and the vasculature. Research has identified various signalling mechanisms (e.g. potassium buffering) using complex genetic approaches, that are key to this dynamic regulation. It is now clear that these cellular interactions are a pillar to both the physiology and pathophysiology of the central nervous system.

This symposium seeks to highlight current research dogma and experimental approaches that can be used to interrogate this vital two-way communication between both the central nervous and cardiovascular systems.  

You will hear from early career physiologists alongside leading experts about how both components (glia and vascular) are important mediators of brain physiology. It will also highlight the challenges ahead in developing appropriate therapeutic strategies to target them.

By bringing together two distinct scientific fields for the purposes of an international meeting we will engage in current research and hopefully ignite ideas for future collaborative research efforts; which are necessary for tackling complex neurological disorders such as vascular dementia. 

Organised by Mark Dallas, University of Reading, UK