Health of Physiology

The Physiological Society is proud to release its report, Health of Physiology, analysing the state of the discipline and how it can be strengthened in the future.

Professor Richard Vaughan-Jones, President of The Society, says in the report's foreword:

"I am in a privileged position to see the work that goes on to understand and support Physiology in the UK and beyond. I feel this report gives useful insight that can direct our actions and priorities in future."

The report was commissioned in 2014 and involved a steering group of Society trustees, researchers and industry figures. Data gathering was conducted with the participation of around 30 universities, giving excellent real-time insight into opinions on the health and direction of physiology. The lessons drawn from this have been distilled into a series of recommendations to take forward, in the areas of research, education, visbility and diversity. These will form the backbone of many of The Society's activities over the next few years as we work towards securing the long-term future of strong physiology research, both in the UK and Ireland, and in the wider world.

The official launch of the report takes place on 30th July at the Physiology 2016 conference.

A copy of the report can be downloaded below. If you would like a paper copy, or have any questions or comments on the report and our future work, please get in touch by contacting