11 November 2017 - 12 November 2017

Natural History Musuem,
Cromwell Road,
London SW7 5BD, United Kingdom

The Society for Experimental Biology and World Extreme Medicine will be co-hosting a symposium on the topic ‘HumaNature’ on 11-12 November at the Natural History Museum in London

This two day symposium will aim to bring experimental biologists and comparative physiologists together with medical practitioners and researchers to explore the links between extreme life, health and performance in animals and humans.

The diverse programme is packed with renowned medical professionals and animal physiologists who will give you new insights into human and animal medicine. Within the programme, academics will be talking about some of the deepest diving whales alongside free diving medics and Andrew Jones (Sports physiologist) from the Nike Breaking2 project will be presenting alongside researchers working on extreme endurance flights of 11,000 km non-stop by wading birds to name a few.

For more information and to book your place at the symposium, please visit or contact the SEB on