H3 symposium: The integrative physiology of physical inactivity across the lifespan

01 December 2017

Hodgkin Huxley House,
30 Farringdon Lane,
London EC1R 3AW, United Kingdom

Physical inactivity is associated with loss of muscle mass and function, increased adiposity and insulin resistance and is a key risk factor for major non-communicable diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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This symposium will focus on both novel and established experimental models of physical inactivity and sedentariness and the physiological mechanisms that underpin their detrimental effects on metabolic health in paediatric, young and elderly populations in health and disease. 

Leading experts and early career researchers will present their research on the influence of physical inactivity and sedentary lifestyle across a number of physiological systems, and will highlight the challenges ahead in devising strategies to counteract their adverse effects on human healthy lifespan and quality of later life. This symposium will serve to highlight current knowledge gaps, stimulate debate and facilitate collaborative research opportunities in this important area of research.

The symposium will close with a public lecture presented by Dawn Skelton, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK, a physiologist, gerontologist and public health researcher known internationally for her work on falls and fractures.

Organised by Gladys Pearson, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, Kostas Tsintzas, University of Nottingham, UK and Carolyn Greig, University of Birmingham, UK.

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