International Travel Grants to support Educational Practice

The Physiological Society actively supports the teaching of physiology in higher education. Through the David Jordan Teaching Award, we provide funding to carry out educational research or to develop educational resources relevant to physiology.

The International Travel Grants to support Educational Practice provide funding for members and non-members (with the support of a Society member) to attend an event/visit a teaching setting in order to support their teaching and that provided by their university (and possibly beyond). Visits can either be from the UK(or RoI), to overseas, or from overseas to the UK(orRoI).

Funding of up to £2k is available to support travel, accommodation, registration and subsistence. Applicants will be assessed by 2 reviewers. Marking criteria can be downloaded below. The next deadline is Friday 31 August 2017.

Successful applicants in each funding round will not be eligible to apply in the two subsequent rounds of funding.

Applicants are not permitted to apply for The Society's Travel Grant funding ( for the same purpose.

To make an application, please complete the online form. 

Personal Details

Applicants that are not members of The Physiological Society are required to gain the support of a member.

We may contact your supporting member by email.

Application details

Please provide details of the reason for your travel (e.g. what is the event you are hoping to attend, where is it, what is the target audience etc.). If you wish to upload a copy of the workshop/conference programme or a letter of invitation from your host/contact at a teaching centre, you can do this at the end of the form.

Please describe how this visit will be of benefit to you, your institution and the wider teaching community, if applicable.

Please provide a full breakdown of the costs you are requesting (in Sterling). Allowable costs include travel, accommodation, registration fees and subsistence.

Please justify the costs requested

If applicable, please provide details of other funding you have secured for this visit.
Please note that applicants are not permitted to apply for Travel Grant funding through The Society for the same purpose as outlined in this application. Further details about the Travel Grant scheme can be found here:

Supporting Documents

Applicants are required to submit a letter of support from the Head of Department / School. Please only submit Word or pdf documents.

Applicants may also wish to submit an additional supporting document from the workshop / conference organiser or contact at the university/meeting they plan to visit. Please only submit Word or pdf documents.

Please only upload Word or pdf documents