Introductory Service for Mentors and Mentees

The Physiological Society has over 3,500 members, many of which cite networking as one of the most valued aspects of joining. The Society wishes to facilitate these interactions beyond the informal opportunities that we offer throughout the year (for example at meetings).

In 2016, mentorship was highlighted as an opportunity where The Society could add value, particularly to support career progression, gain funding and develop confidence in public engagement. In response, we are establishing an introductory service for our members who wish to be mentored (mentees) by our members that are willing to share their experience with others (mentors).  To learn more about how a mentoring relationship might support you, read our mentor and mentee case studies.

If you sign up to be a mentee or a mentor, using the links below, The Society will make efforts to match you with a mentor or mentee, respectively, based on circumstances, interests, skills, experiences and time available. The next deadline for matching will be on 30 June 2018. Please register before this time if you would like to find a mentor/mentee through this scheme. Please note that matching will only take place between individuals that sign up for the scheme, and there is no guarantee that a match will be found for you.

For mentees, signing up for this introductory service, you will have the opportunity to benefit from the experience of another physiologist, without judgement or expectation. By signing up as a mentor, you will be helping The Society to support the development of physiologists and the discipline of physiology; it will allow you time for self-reflection and the opportunity to gain or build on skills in this area.

We ask all members joining the introductory service to agree to a code of conduct, to ensure confidentiality, respect, commitment, openness and trust. Of course, no relationship of this type is binding, so we ask that mentors and mentees retain open dialogue and communication to ensure changing expectations and availability are managed.

Whilst the success of the mentoring relationship will be down to the individual mentor and mentee, The Society will support you by providing access to new resources and training opportunities. 

Register by Wednesday, 30 June to sign up as a MENTOR.

Register by Sunday, 12 May to sign up as a MENTEE.

Before registering for the scheme, please read The Society’s Fair Processing Notice. If you have any questions, please email


We believe that encouraging the development of such supportive and positive relationships will be beneficial to the scientific community. On April 25 (1pm-2pm), Alexis Hutson provided a bespoke webinar on developmental mentoring. 

Alexis is a consultant for coaching doctors with a wealth of experience in developmental mentoring, specifically for doctors, but has also applied her knowledge to great effect beyond this field.

Watch the webinar below.