PhD Studentship in Neurogenomics


Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland, Brisbane
Closing date: 
07 April 2017
Professor Geoffrey Faulkner

The successful candidate will investigate the role of retrotransposons, a class of mobile DNA, in generating genetic variability in neural cells. Retrotransposons mobilise through RNA intermediates which are reverse transcribed and inserted at new genomic locations, resulting in insertional mutagenesis. Alterations in retrotransposon activity have been linked to a range of stress conditions, neurodegeneration and aging.  This project aims to understand how retrotransposons activity can change the neuronal genome and impact upon neuronal physiology, potentially contributing to neurodegeneration.  The PhD student will make use of reporter mouse lines to visualise retrotransposon activity in specific brain areas, as well as novel sequencing approaches to detect differential retrotransposon integration patterns in neurodegenerative mouse models as well as post-mortem human case-control sample sets.

The candidate will join the newly established lab group of Professor Geoffrey Faulkner at the Queensland Brain Institute, (QBI) University of Queensland.  Professor Faulkner has a joint appointment with QBI and the Mater Research Institute – University of Queensland (MRI-UQ).  PhD candidates will apply through QBI as the enrolling unit and be primarily based at QBI for research project work but may also spend some time at the MRI-UQ.  To know more about Professor Faulkner and the lab group, please go to the following link:


Expressions of Interest are invited from outstanding and enthusiastic international and Australian science graduates ideally with a background in neuroscience, genetics or other relevant scientific discipline. Candidates will have a First Class Honours degree or equivalent and should be eligible for UQ scholarship consideration.  Some expertise in molecular biology, microscopy and mouse genetics is required. Previous experience with animal work would be helpful.

For further information about this position and scholarships, application criteria, and expression of interest closing dates, please refer to the UQ Jobs website.