PhD in Sensory Neuroscience


University of Brighton, Brighton
Closing date: 
10 April 2017
Andrei Lukashkin

A PhD studentship available within Sensory Neuroscience Group at the University of Brighton starting October 2017. Deadline for applications:  10 April, 4pm.

Sensory Neuroscience Research Group at Brighton University offers a PhD studentship in physiology and biophysics of the cochlea. The successful candidate will have an opportunity to learn a wide range of experimental techniques and to apply them to gain an understanding of the basic workings of the cochlea and to combine this empirical approach with developing models of the cochlea. The approach will be strongly slated in favour of the student’s skills and interests. The specific aim of the research programme is to develop a prototype middle ear implant to provide effective stimulation to the cochlea. This outcome will not only provide a better understanding of the fundamental principles of sensory processing in the ear but also will be of direct benefit to those with hearing impairment.

This project is suitable for biologists, neuroscientist, physicists and engineers, interested in hearing and biomedical engineering. Experience in physiological techniques and computer programming is desirable but can be introduced during early stages of research training to the successful candidate with suitable background if required.  The student will work within an interdisciplinary team of physiologists, biophysicists and engineers with experience that is unique in the UK and, in fact, worldwide.

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