Research Associate in Preclinical Breast Cancer Sodium Imaging


University of York, York
Closing date: 
29 March 2018
Will Brackenbury

We are looking for an enthusiastic postdoc to join a team of physiologists, chemists, MR physicists and radiologists on a translational breast cancer project funded by Cancer Research UK. The ionic composition of breast tumours, particularly sodium (Na+), is critical for regulating tumour growth, invasion and metastasis. Targeting the ionic microenvironment of breast tumours and combining such treatment with advanced 23Na-MR imaging represents a novel approach in the fight against breast cancer. In this project, you will investigate the mechanistic basis for Na+accumulation in breast tumours in mice using a combination of MRI, electrophysiology and fluorescence imaging, in order to establish the utility of Na+, and its conductance routes, as diagnostic indicators and therapeutic targets.