Keystone Symposia: Immunometabolism, Metaflammation and Metabolic Disorders

14 April 2019 - 18 April 2019

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, Vancouver, BC V6C 2W6, Canada

Highly ordered interactions between immune and metabolic responses are evolutionarily conserved and paramount for tissue and organismal health. Disruption of these interactions underlie the emergence of many pathologies, particularly chronic non-communicable diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Understanding the complex immunometabolic signaling networks and the cellular and molecular events that occur in the setting of altered nutrient and energy exposures has the potential to lead to tangible therapeutic advancements to promote health. This conference will engage scientists at the forefront of the efforts to translate this biology into clinical approaches, to discuss the successes and limitations of this work so far. This conference will cover the molecular mechanisms and physiological outcomes of immunometabolic interactions in the context of chronic metabolic diseases. Topics will range from the most evolutionarily conserved interactions studied in model organisms to human studies. There will be two sessions devoted to translational paths, covering both opportunities and challenges. Overall, this symposium will be an opportunity for experts in the fields of immunology and metabolism to come together to discuss and share their diverse perspectives on the integration of metabolism and immunity.