Membership types

We have a range of membership categories to suit different interests and expertise within physiology.

Full – This membership is suitable for active postdoctoral researchers and lecturers working in physiology or a related science, at a recognised institution in the UK or abroad.

Affiliate – This membership is suitable for graduate students or newly qualified postdoctoral workers who are within three years of completing their PhD.

Associate – This membership is suitable for those with a background in physiology, but who are not involved in active research or study, for example, employees working in industry.

Undergraduate – This membership is designed for undergraduate students studying physiology, or a related subject, as part of their degree course. Membership is available as an individual subscription or for groups of five or more, at a discounted rate.

You can apply to join The Society at any point during the year and your membership will run for 12 months from your joining date.

For more information or advice on which category best suits you, please contact