Membership & Grants Committee


Reporting to Council, the Committee is responsible for oversight and leadership of The Society’s strategy on membership and disbursement of grants, specifically:

  • To review membership categories, recommend whether any changes are required and how these might be governed.
  • To review and have oversight of Travel Grants and their administration, taking into account our charitable objectives.
  • To coordinate and ensure appropriate oversight and governance across all other Society grants, awards and prizes (excluding selection, which is the responsibility of relevant Committees).
  • To carry out periodic reviews of all grants and awards and advise Council as to their types, amounts, criteria and frequency, in consultation with other Committees as required.
  • Provide on-going oversight of our membership and related activities, including the role of and support for Society Representatives in institutions.
  • The committee will review annually its terms of reference and its own effectiveness and recommend any changes to Council.
  • To oversee The Society’s obligations with respect to public benefit and other statutory reporting as regards membership and grants
  • To make recommendations in respect of membership subscriptions rates, travel grant awards and allocations and, from time-to-time, the budgetary aspects of other grants.