Mitochondria: From Basic Biology to Mechanisms of Disease Conference

27 February 2019 - 02 March 2019

Melia Nassau Beach Hotel ,
W. Bay St,
Nassau P.O. Box N-4914, Bahamas

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For many years mitochondria have been colloquially referred to as the “power plants of the cell”, but we now know that mitochondria do much more than simply generate energy.  This meeting will bring together scientists who study diverse aspects of mitochondrial biology in order to stimulate interaction and cross fertilization of ideas, leading to new collaborations and synergistic advances.

Learning objectives

  • Basic mechanisms and regulation of mitochondrial biology
  • Discuss crosstalk and integration of mitochondrial pathways with other cellular compartments and cell signalling.
  • Learn about how these pathways of mitochondrial dysfunction contribute to diseases
  • Discuss therapies targeting mitochondria in human diseases
  • Discuss future directions for mitochondrial research