Podcast library

The Society produces a variety of short podcast interviews to reflect and report on our activities. These include interviews with prize lecturers, members of our executive and delegates attending our events.

Podcast of the Designer athletes: fair play or foul? event in London on 19 March 2012 presented by Meera Senthilingam.
Long-time Society member Dafydd Walters and Affiliate representative Federico Formenti swap their impressions and experiences.
This session explored circadian physiology in health and disease, looking at how our circadian rhythms are controlled and how they in turn control our physiology
This symposium explored the functions of HCN ion channels found in various cells in our bodies
Questions answered and many more from the physiology education movers and shakers attending Physiology 2010.
Hear the new President of the American Physiological Society
Speakers from The Journal of Physiology sponsored symposium 'Neural processes of orientation and navigation' met to discuss the research they were presenting later that day