H3 symposium: Muscle physiology and metabolism

30 November 2017

Hodgkin Huxley House,
30 Farringdon Lane,
London EC1R 3AW, United Kingdom

This symposium focuses on amino acid metabolism and transport, particularly in skeletal muscle but also in the liver, in health, exercise and disease.

Michael J Rennie, who died recently, was a Professor of Physiology at the Universities of Dundee and Nottingham. One purpose of this scientific symposium will be to chart the impact of Mike Rennie’s research in amino acid metabolism and transport and the relationships between transport, metabolism, exercise, ageing and disease. The aim is to bring together different strands of current research in amino acid and muscle metabolism and attempt to connect the dots between the physiological and the molecular.

The speakers are at the forefront in the fields of research that Mike’s work influenced. The programme contains a great mix of experienced and early career scientists who will present their research on the themes of amino acid metabolism, transport, muscular dystrophy and how muscle metabolism relates to exercise, ageing and genomic regulation of muscle function.

Mike published over 350 peer-reviewed papers, including 33 articles in The Journal of Physiology. He was also interim editor of The Journal (2009-2010) and G L Brown prize lecturer (2004/2005).

Mike trained many PhD students and post-docs and was keen to set early career investigators on a path to careers in research and academia; the majority of his students stayed in scientific research.

The programme is also designed to promote early career scientists addressing fundamental research questions to solve important clinical problems and lead a bright future in amino acid and muscle metabolism research.

Organised by Aamir Ahmed, King's College London, UK.

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