New Academic Editor for Physiology News

MIke CollisThe final addition to The Society’s refreshed brand can be expected to arrive in your departments in 2012 as Physiology News - The Society’s quarterly magazine - is given a new look. Fundamental to this process is the appointment of a new Academic Editor and we are delighted to announce that Dr Mike Collis will be taking on this role.

“Mike will be well known to many of you through his major contributions to The Society, including as former CEO," commented Mike Shipston, Chair of the Publications Committee. “The Society is committed to developing the best of the ‘old’ magazine, while introducing some new features and benefits to The Society membership and physiology community. We look forward to developing some new initiatives for the magazine with his Mike and his team over the coming months.”

Commenting on his appointment, Mike Collis said: ““I am delighted to be able to renew my involvement with The Physiological Society in this role. The magazine has developed its own unique blend of Society and Members news, science based articles and historical vignettes. My thanks go to Austin Elliott and his editorial board for their work and achievements, they have provided a strong platform to build on.

“I hope to develop the magazine further, integrating it with other Society communications whilst retaining an eclectic blend of content. Physiologists care about their science and their Society, and  Physiology News provides an important medium for Members to communicate with Society committees and Trustees. I encourage Members to be active in contributing to the magazine to ensure it continues to be the dynamic and lively magazine that welcomes differing views and encourages debate.”  

Mike will be assembling the new Editorial Board team over the next few weeks and the first ‘new look’ edition of Physiology News is expected in 2012.

If you have any comments, or suggestions for features, opinion pieces or news items for next edition, please email