Richard Vaughan-Jones to deliver 2012 International Prize Lecture

Following on from the inaugural lecture series, held in China last year, The Society is delighted to announce that Richard Vaughan-Jones will deliver the 2012 lecture tour in India.

Richard is Professor of Cellular Physiology, at the University of Oxford. His research interests encompass the regulation of intracellular pH (pHi) in the heart, and its role as a major modulator of cardiac function. Richard's tour of India will take place later this year where he will visit 6-8 institutions and deliver a talk at each. The title will be confirmed and annouced shortly.

The Society's International Prize Lecture is designed to be delivered in countries where there is a strong physiology community, but with whom The Society has previously had little or no interaction. It replaces the former UK-Australia Lecture Exchange, which ended in 2010. 

The inaugural lecture series was given by Giovanni Mann (KCL). In 2011, he visited six institutions in China to deliver his lecture ‘Impaired redox signalling in fetal endothelial cells in gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia: epigenetic programming of endothelial dysfunction?’. This sucessful lecture tour built on The Society’s first foray into China as part of a joint meeting in Beijing in 2008 - something Giovanni was also instrumental in setting up.  As a result, The Society is now in close contact with its Chinese counterparts and the President and Vice President of the Chinese Association of Physiological Sciences (CAPS) will visit Physiology 2012 in Edinburgh. The Society also hopes to hold another joint meeting with CAPS in the near future.