'Ode to Physiology' Under 19 winner announced!

The Under 19 winner of The Society's schools poetry competition 'Ode to Physiology' is Charlie Flear. 

Congratulations to Charlie Flear, 17, from Nottingham High School, with his fantastic poem on adrenaline and runner up Katie Elmore, from Bradford Grammar School with her poem on respiration. 

Winners from the Under 11s category will be announced on Monday 20 October

Charlie Flear

One function that we have seen:
The sudden release of epinephrine.
Sometimes just epi, or adrenaline,
It's flight or fight- you know what I mean.
More sugar, more energy increased concentrations:
Increased heart rate and bronchodilation.
Pupils get bigger, stroke volume increases-
That's why it's injected when your heartbeat ceases.
The adrenal gland stores and release it,
While adrenergic receptors in heart muscle seize it.
It frees up energy for muscles and brain;
Advanced cerebral function goes down the drain.
A primal reaction to shock, excitement or stress
A hormone that puts our instincts to the test. 

And runner-up:

Katie Elmore

I wrote this poem in desperation,
A poem describing respiration.
As some may think though yet to know,
Ventilation is different as I'll show,


In respiration you neither inhale nor exhale,
But release energy from food in this short tale,
As glucose breaks down and energy is released,
You'll have energy to live, I'm sure you'll be pleased.
I wrote this poem in desperation,
A poem explaining respiration.
It occurs in all our mitochondria,
And every cell does it just like that,
It happens deep in every cell,
All the way down in our organelles,
Another thought of this process will be,
Sugars come about to keep us healthy and happy.
I wrote this poem in desperation,
A poem praising respiration.
Now I have given you all the facts,
Use them wisely and keep them in tact,
Respiration happen in everyone,
It makes us human to the bone,
So now you have all the information,
From reading my poem on respiration.