Society figures amongst 100 leading scientists

Society Members feature prominently in the list of 100 leading scientists published today by the Science Council.

Judy Harris

The list seeks to challenge the UK’s narrow and old-fashioned concept of scientists as academics or researchers, found only in laboratories and universities. The list is made up of ten categories designed to provide a broad picture of the many different ways people work with science, making valuable contributions across UK society and the economy.

Former Society President, Colin Blakemore, is one of the 10 scientists listed under the ‘Communicator Scientist’ category. Colin is recognised for being a leading voice in raising understanding of issues like animals in research, GM foods and drug classification.

Sir Paul Nurse

Max Headley is recognised as a ‘Policy Maker Scientist’ for his work influencing government policy, such as the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986. Judy Harris earns her listing under ‘Teacher Scientist’ for championing higher education teaching as a profession through international collaborative projects and workshops.

Max said: "The Science Council’s selection came as a total surprise – and I was more than a little taken aback at being cast alongside such eminent policy makers. It is of course hugely rewarding to see that my input into this area has been appreciated on a broad front, but it’s clearly also the case that the sector’s input to national policies has been based on far more than my own contribution."

Judy said: "I am delighted to have been included in the list. It's wonderful that the Science Council have included the category of the 'teacher scientist'. I hope that this will send a really positive signal to all teacher scientists both within and outside higher education, and to the organisations within which they work. Many colleagues right across the life science sector have contributed much, and I hope that the sector recognises the teamwork that has made for the successes achieved." 

Other Society Members on the list include Dame Kay Davies, Sir Paul Nurse, Alison McConnell and Dame Nancy Rothwell.

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