Vacation Studentship Scheme 2016 - a record year!

A record 100 applications were submitted for the 2016 Vacation Studentship Scheme, resulting in a high quality round of awards this year. This scheme offers undergraduates the opportunity to undertake a research project on an area of physiology over their summer break. Working under an academic supervisor, they get to experience day-to-day life in the laboratory first-hand.

This year, we raised the maximum stipend from £150 to £200 per week, and received around a quarter more applications than the 2015 round. We were really pleased with the range and quality of proposals, and made 36 awards to the following individuals:

  • Amar Ahmed
  • Kathryn Alliband
  • Glenda Anderson
  • Ella Bracewell
  • Veerle Brans
  • Keiran Brown
  • Lauren Buchanan
  • Charlotte Burton
  • Karan Chadda
  • Prannoy Chaudhuri-Vayalambrone
  • Laura Downie
  • Louise Foster
  • Raul Fulea
  • Melissa Handford
  • Charles Hillier
  • Hee Seok Jung
  • Moohita Jazvini Kala Arasan
  • Rohan Kale
  • Victoria Kosyak
  • Einar Krogsaeter
  • Amal Mahmoud
  • Joseph McLaughlin
  • Kieran Mistry
  • Oliver Odell
  • Melissa Shi Yi Ong
  • Jasmine Percival
  • Andrei Leonardo Perez Olivera
  • Roy Quek
  • Sabine Rannio
  • Yelyzaveta Rud
  • Omar Salim
  • Amanda Schukarucha Gomes
  • Robert Smyth
  • Alexios Vourvoukelis
  • Max Weston
  • Sara Wei Wong

Congratulations to all these students. We wish them good luck with their projects this summer and hope they have a great experience.