Council welcomes three new Trustees

The 2017 Council election results were announced at the AGM on 12 July. We are delighted to report that our three new Trustees are: 

Charlotte Haigh,
Elizabeth Sheader,
Stefan Trapp.

Read more about each Trustee and why they wanted to join Council:

Charlotte Haigh, Associate Professor in Human Physiology, University of Leeds, UK

Charlotte has been a Full Member of The Society since 2007, and an Associate Member prior to that. She has been the Society Representative at the University of Leeds for three years, presented scientific work and symposium at Society meetings and currently serves on the Society’s Education and Outreach Committee.  She has contributed to the review of outreach, public engagement and summer studentships applications, and shaped the new criteria for the outreach and public engagement grants. She has also helped develop the new physiology MOOC and the ‘Recognising Teachers in Life Sciences’ publication. 

As the academic lead for public engagement with research, Charlotte brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to further The Society’s objects of supporting research to advance the understanding of physiology and disease, as well as bolstering education and public engagement to develop an informed society.

Elizabeth Sheader, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health. University of Manchester, UK

Elizabeth has been a Full Member of The Society since 2001. As a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Biology Medicine and Health, she teaches Physiology across the faculty to medical, science and health-related disciplines, as well as holding additional roles in student support and leadership. Elizabeth is passionate about the importance of research in scientific education and the promotion of science through public engagement to inspire the next generation of physiologists and help shape the future of The Society.  

Stefan Trapp, University Reader, Department of Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology, University College London, UK

Stefan has been an Affiliate and subsequently Full Member of The Physiological Society for over two decades. He has organised a number of symposia at meetings and has been involvement in a variety of outreach activities. He is the UCL Society Representative, runs the Departmental Seminar Series and raises awareness of schemes such as Vacation Studentships and the Rob Clarke Awards with the undergraduates. 

Stefan is passionate about the apparent disappearance of physiology as a distinct entity within many academic institutions. He believes the active role the Society plays to support and promote high quality physiological research and teaching is imperative to prevent the decline in physiological expertise in the future. He will support the society in lobbying political decision makers for funding, supporting the research community with meetings, and outreach activities to educate the general public to promote physiology as a pivotal research activity.