GL Brown and R Jean Banister Prize Lecture winners announced

The Society is pleased to announce that the winner of the GL Brown Prize Lecture for 2016-2017 is Rachel Tribe, King’s College London, UK. Rachel’s presentation will be on 'How to expect the unexpected'. The 2017-2018 winner of the same prize is Andrew Parker, University of Oxford, UK, and the title of his lecture will be ‘Seeing in depth with the brain: the physiology of the third dimension’.

We are also delighted to announce that Nathalie Rochefort, University of Edinburgh, UK is the 2017 recipient of the R Jean Banister Prize Lecture, instituted by the Society in 2016.

Both the above Prize Lectures are peripatetic and, once confirmed, the dates and locations for the lectures will appear in The Society’s list of events. To read more about The Society’s Prize Lectures, click here.