Myths and Methodologies: New article type from Experimental Physiology

Experimental Physiology has introduced a new article type: Myths and Methodologies. 

They will outline best practice in physiology for particular methods or equipment in broad, common use and seek to inform both early career and established researchers. 

Physiologists have moved away from the era where they made their own equipment, and thus knew its limits, to a time where complex often impenetrable machines magically produce numbers.  With this change has come a need to understand exactly what is being measured and the limitations associated with that measurement. We therefore thought it timely to run a series of mini reviews under the heading “Myths and Methodologies” (M&M) in which invited authors describe a methodology, its underlying principle of action, validity, reliability and variability, appropriate and inappropriate applications, and provide tips on effective use and the avoidance (or at least minimisation) of error.

Contributions to this series will normally be by invitation of the Editorial Board and will be subject to our normal peer review process.

Authors interested in contributing are welcome to send a one page outline for consideration to the Publications Office at

The first Myths and Methodologies paper is now available: Myths and Methodologies: Making Sense of Exercise Mass and Water Balance by S. N. Cheuvront and S Montain

You can also read the accompanying Introduction and Commentary

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