Physiology – Current Trends and Future Challenges

The International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS) has partnered with The Physiological Society to release a report on the state of the discipline, suggesting where improvements could strengthen physiology in the future. The product is Physiology  Current Trends and Future Challenges, and launches today at the IUPS congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Input was sought from all member organisations of the IUPS, with the report being the distillation of the 27 responses received. These cover all six inhabited continents and physiological societies large and small, with memberships ranging from tens to thousands. 

Physiology  Current Trends and Future Challenges considers the different atmospheres in which research is carried out, with different national regulations, availability of funding for basic research, and public support for scientists. It also investigates the teaching of physiology and its identity as either a separate subject or sub-discipline of other biological and medical courses. Finally, the potential career routes for physiology graduates are examined, including the need for physiology skills outside of the academic career pathway.

The recommendations of the report are targeted towards physiologists and physiological societies. You can read them, and access a series of companion essays produced to complement the report, here.